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Predestination in The Adjustment Bureau

Science and religion are strange bedfellows.  Both look for truth, but go about it in very different ways.  Fiction sometimes successfully combines the two to create an interesting way of seeing the world.  George Lucas gave us “the force” in … Continue reading

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Wake Watch Wonder

Robert J. Sawyer, a Canadian sci-fi writer known for his novel Flashforward (the basis for the television series of the same name), has written a Hugo award-nominated novel, WWW: Wake, intended as the first novel in a trilogy.  The novel … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Experience with Acting

Last summer, I had the opportunity to act in The Merchant of Venice at the Woodward Shakespeare Festival in Fresno, California.  I had never acted before, though I have always been an avid theater goer and often wondered what it … Continue reading

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