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Julius Caesar: A Lean and Hungry Look

It took nine seasons for the Woodward Shakespeare Festival (Fresno, CA) to finally mount a production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, one of my favorite plays.  I have taught it many times to high school students and I know the text … Continue reading

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The Postmodern Prometheus

(Warning: This post contains SPOILERS regarding the film Prometheus) Prometheus, a Titan from Greek mythology, is a fascinating and important figure who appears frequently in literature as one who overreaches in a quest for scientific knowledge.  Mary Shelley famously adapted … Continue reading

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Television Drama of Interest

Every fall, television networks release many promising new shows for public viewing.  Few, however, survive longer than a single season.  Last fall, I was looking forward to Prime Suspect, an American version of the British series, one of my all-time … Continue reading

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Three Men in a Time Machine, To Say Nothing of the Dog

I am fascinated with time travel stories.  Many, such as Back to the Future, deal with paradoxes like accidentally preventing your parents from meeting.  Others, like Stephen King’s 11/22/63 or TV’s Quantum Leap, with an attempt to change the past … Continue reading

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11/22/63: Stephen King Sends His Readers Back in Time

Stephen King takes us down an unfamiliar path, this time through a time portal, in his latest novel 11/22/63.  Jake Epping, a divorced high school English teacher, becomes an unlikely hero when he is moved to tears as he reads … Continue reading

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My Interview in Forsaken Stars!

Rob Lopez of Forsaken Stars, and member of the Fresno Sci-fi & Fantasy Writers group, interviewed me! Check it out HERE.

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How Not to Write a Novel

Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman wrote a unique guide to writing fiction that differs from most other writing books.  Mittelmark and Newman’s How Not to Write a Novel focuses on observations of what not to do, which they say is … Continue reading

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